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The Altai Economics and Law Institute (AELI) is the first non-state higher educational institution in the Altai region. It was founded in February 1993. It is unique in the sense that after graduating from AELI students get an opportunity to continue their education at the Tomsk State University and receive a diploma of the institution rated third in the Russian Federation and considered one of the best universities in the world.

Students study at AELI for 4 years. The teaching-learning process is organized according to the curricula of the Tomsk State University and the Tomsk State Pedagogical University. The leading professors of these universities give lectures and conduct seminars and classes. The final examination commission is made up of outstanding scholars. After receiving Bachelor's degree graduates have an opportunity to go to the Tomsk State University and get a diploma of the famous Russian higher institution.

The twenty first century requires new skilled scientific personnel and there should be a new approach to training mobile, creative and flexible specialists. Non-state higher institutions due to their flexibility have more opportunities of training such specialists. The graduates of AELI are in demand which is the proof of their professionalism. AELI is a member of the federal association of law higher institutions.

The AELI Law Department trains highly qualified specialists in the sphere of law. There are chairs of state law disciplines, civil law disciplines and criminal law disciplines. The term of study is 4 years on the full-time basis. The term may be shortened for students studying on an individual basis. On graduation the qualification "Lawyer" and the degree "Bachelor of Law" are conferred. The activity of bachelor is directed to the law enforcement in various social spheres. The department has photo and criminalistics laboratories. It is also famous for its teaching staff. Students have an opportunity to learn from leading figures of Russian law. A lot of attention is paid to students' practice.

The AELI Economics Department has two chairs: the chair of economics and management disciplines and the chair of finance and credit. The department trains highly qualified specialists in the sphere of economics. The term of study is 4 years on a full-time basis and 5 years on a part-time basis. The term of study may be shortened for students working individually. On graduation the qualification "Economist" and the degree "Bachelor of Economics" are conferred. The activity of an economist is geared at analyzing the management systems of state, joint-stock and private firms, scientific, design and planning organizations, production and social development. The peculiarity of the department consists in the possibility for the graduates to continue their education at the Tomsk State University and get a diploma of that famous higher institution. Highly qualified professors from the leading higher institutions of Tomsk and Barnaul give lectures at the department. Students have their professional practice at factories and plants of Barnaul, districts of the region and in the district and town administrations.

The solid material and technical basis is the pledge of success of any higher institution. The AELI new building is situated in the centre of the city. Lectures are given in light, warm and spacious rooms. The biggest of them has a seating capacity of 150. AELI has one of the best computer classrooms among law higher institutions. Students have access to Internet and can use E-mail.

The institute is proud of its library which numbers about 40.000 volumes. The AELI is carrying out serious and successful publishing activity. It publishes textbooks and various educational materials, materials of scientific conferences.

The status of AELI as an institution capable of providing the contemporary educational level is proved by the fact that the new specialty "State and Municipal Management" is introduced into the curriculum. The activity of such specialist refers to the sphere of management. The fundamental and social training in the area of management, economics and law helps him to orient himself in the Russian and world legal systems. During their stay at the institute students learn to analyze judicial and administrative practice, exercise direction, take adequate decisions based on a concrete situation and legal norms, understand the problems of market economy and keep to the norms of professional ethics while working with people and organizations. The graduate can work at all levels of executive and legislative power, in the sphere of managing enterprises of any organizational and legal forms. The term of study is 5 years on a full-time basis and 6 years on a part-time basis.

Economics and law classes train pupils of the tenth and eleventh forms for entering AELI. The combined training in the Barnaul gymnasium 25 and AELI is carried out according to the curriculum for future students. Lessons are conducted by the leading lecturers from higher institutions of Tomsk and Barnaul.

The AELI constantly enlists the cooperation of the best professors and teachers from Siberia. The proof of the high quality of teaching is the constant demand for AELI graduates. Enthusiasm is one more peculiarity of the teaching staff and personnel of AELI. Facing the regular lack of finance, they managed to build high scientific potential which enables to train specialists who easily continue their education in the Tomsk State University and graduate from it with honours.

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