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(Adopted at the sitting of AELI Academic Council, October 17, 2003)

The Altai Economics and Law Institute is the pioneer of non-state sector of higher education in the Altai region. Established in 1993 as the first non-state specialized institute of law, economics and management in the Altai region it had acquired a high reputation as a dynamically developing educational, scientific and cultural center in Russia by the beginning of the 21st century. Its activity covers a wide spectrum of educational and research services and contributes to the development of partnership relations with consumers, various social groups, educational centers, government bodies and the public.

The Institute is expanding opportunities for citizens to realize a constitutional right to education, to meet the requirements for legal and economic knowledge, knowledge about state and municipal management, training bachelors of law and economics, specialists in state and municipal management with fundamental knowledge of law, history of home and foreign business, up-to-date economic and legal practice of developed countries to work under conditions of market economy.

The Institute serves all-round improvement of society, confirms the ideals of freedom and democracy and contributes to intellectual, social, economic, cultural and ethnic development of the Altai region and Russia through expansion of knowledge and its application in real life.

The basic principles of the Institute's activity are fundamental nature, quality, continuity and succession of education and science, unity of education, research and upbringing, integration into regional and world educational community. The Institute as the association of scientists, faculty, employees and students is the keeper of high spirit of academic freedom and corporative ethics.

The Institute highly estimates and preserves its specific character of specialized institute of law, economics and management which extends possibilities for productive combination of fundamental and professional training of specialists, formation and development of scientific trends.

The Institute supports the integration into the world system of higher education, takes into account the general tendencies to the development of education and science and at the same time preserves and develops the best traditions of home educational system in Russia. It is the leader in the sphere of integrating high school and college educational systems in Russia. Its example of establishing a non-state scientific educational complex was generally recognized in Russia and exerts a positive influence on economic rapprochement of educational institutions, development of pre-college, college and vocational education in the region.

The Institute forms and supports the students' aspiration for renovation of knowledge, their intellectual and social activity, need for serving people and realization of their responsibility to the Altai region and Russia.

The Institute values and takes pride in its autonomy which allows it to come out on behalf of truth and morality and places great responsibility upon it.

The self-government of the Institute and its strategic goals make high demands of the administration system whose mission is to secure:

  • • Flexible and adaptive reaction to the change of factors in outer and inner environment;
  • • Effective co-operation with federal, regional and municipal government bodies;
  • • Parity between traditions and innovations;
  • • Precise differentiation of powers and responsibility of structural subdivisions;
  • • Development of self-government processes in structural subdivisions and students' communities.

The activity of the Institute is based on out-of-budget financing, raising the efficiency of using all resources at its disposal, which is recognized as an important factor of strengthening the financial state and developing the personnel, scientific and material potential.

The Institute intends to preserve and strengthen its social status of the leading non-state higher educational institution in the Altai region, an effectively acting center of education, science and culture.

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