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The Altai Economics and Law Institute (AELI) is a non-commercial higher institution which was founded in 1993. AELI has a state accreditation and college status.

The main goal of the Institute is to give a student higher education, to broaden his outlook in all spheres of activity and ensure the level of knowledge which will allow a graduate to work under modern conditions according to new trends. The high professional skill of the faculty in combination with the material and technical provision of teaching-learning process, the availability of a library and a computer classroom linked with Internet contribute to getting fundamental knowledge and practical skills necessary to a contemporary specialist. The system of basic disciplines is supplemented by optional courses, seminars and classes as well as by school, practical and graduate training for students. "According to numerous checkups of the Altai higher institutions AELI has sullied its name by no means. Moreover, the officials of various reputable departments defined AELI as one of the most qualitative (in educational line) higher institutions of economic and legal type" (The newspaper "Molodezh Altaya", the issue of August 9, 2000).

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